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Our Process

First, we would like to meet the owner and architect (on site if possible) and get to know them, and become familiar with the site and house placement.  It helps at this stage to have conceptual plans that we can look at and talk through at this stage.  We can even go and tour some completed homes after visiting on the site to show the quality of construction we deliver.  I have found this helps me to further evaluate the client’s likes and dislikes.  This is important information as we move into the budgeting stage of the project.  I will have samples of estimating spreadsheets, schedules and contracts for the clients review.   We take a lot of valuable information away from this meeting.

Once the initial meeting has taken place and the conceptual or preliminary plans are available to me, I can begin creating a budget for the project.  I use computer take-off software to ensure speed and accuracy in the analysis of the building.  I use these take-offs along with current and historical price data to establish an initial budget for the project.  This budget is a comprehensive spreadsheet that has detailed line items for all of the material, labor and contractor’s costs that are associated with the project.  After this is completed we can all sit down and go through the budget line by line so everyone is clear on where the driving forces are in the costs of the home.  This proves to be very valuable to the client as well as to the architect so changes can be made with greater ease if needed.  We can also discuss potential cost savings and value engineering tactics and techniques at this time.  This step is very important in helping to steer the project towards the client’s intended budget range.  

After all of this material has been generated and agreed on, we would go to contract and establish a start date for the project.

I feel the amount of work we put in on the front end on the project is an exceptional value for our clients. Starting out with the right plan and approach makes for a very happy and stress free building experience.